Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 10 Jump squats, lunge walk, 30 sec. handstand hold, 15 AMSU

Strength: Squat Cleans moderate
weight higher Reps. Focus is on form, hip
drive and speed under the bar.

WOD: 3 RDs For Time:
20 – KettleBell Snatch 45/35 lbs 10 ea. arm
10 – Kneeling Jump Squats (Start on knees, jump into a full squat)
15 – Deficit Push-Ups 45/25 plates
“Cash out”
3 – Wall Walks
20 – Weird Pull-ups (Alternating mixed grip, alternating shoulder to bar)
“Move your hand each pull-up, touch the shoulder of the leading hand on the bar
then switch at the bottom”