Triple WOD Tueday
Warm Up: 2 RDs of: Overhead walking lunge 25/15 lbs, 10-Good mornings with weight 25/15 lbs, 10-T2B, 10-Toes to Wall
Skill: Rope Climb 5-10 minutes
WOD#1: 2min max effort
Front Squat 95/65 lbs
Rest two min.
WOD#2: 3 RDs of:
20 – OHS with a KB 10R/10L arm 45/35 lbs
20 – KB Snatch “American” 10R/10L 45/35 lbs
“Then” transition right into:
WOD#3: 3 RDs of:
10 – C2B Pull-Ups
10 – Split Jerks 155/105 lbs
10 – Wiper Blades holding the barbell (Toes touch each side of the bumper plates in the floor press position)
Cash out” 800m run.