Warm Up: 400m Run “then” 2Rds of: 10-Jump Squats, 10-Abmat sit ups, 10-Pull Ups, 15/15 sec. Sampson stretch
Strength: Hang Power Snatch 5 Rds of 3 Reps. Lighter weight focus on speed. 20 min +/-
TABATA = 8rds of 20sec. of work 10sec of rest, score is your lowest rep total of a round. Idea is to maintain the same work load over the 8rds.

WOD#1: TABATA combo: Hang Power Snatch 45/35 lbs & Hollowrocks (alternate movements)
Rest 2 mins.
WOD#2: TABATA KB Swings 45/35 lbs