Warm up: 2Rds of: 10-Burpee broad jumps, 10-Pass Throughs, 10-good mornings (PVC), 10-Overhead walking lunges with PVC

Strength: Split Jerks 5rounds of 3 Reps. Start light incease weight each round. 

Partner WOD: Wall Ballz Suck (The partner is optional)

for time:

75 – OHS with wall ball

400m Run with wall ball

75 – Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lbs 10’/9′

400m Run with wall ball

75 – Abmat Sit Ups with a wall shot if solo, partner toss if you are partnered.

The wall ball never rests on the ground throughout the entire WOD. Penalty: 10-Burpees over the ball per athlete if the ball rests on the ground. Partners can pass the wall ball as needed throughout the movements and the run.