Warm Up: 2 rounds of: 15-Walking Lunges, 6- V Roll Ups, 30sec. Handstand Hold, 10-Pass Throughs

WOD 1: “Grace” for time:

30 – Clean and Jerks 135/95 lbs

rest enough to recover and go again on coaches decision to start the second event.

WOD 2: 2014 Masters Qualifier Event #3

3 Rounds for time:

50 – Calorie Row

15 – Handstand Push Ups

50 – Double Unders (Sub 3:1 singles if you don’t have DU’s)

Coaches note: If the class is larger than amount of rowers, divide class, and run WOD 2 first for half the class. Pair close caliber athletes together and let them battle.

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Keep coming in, share your goals with your coaches, get out of your comfort zone, be better everyday.