Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 10-OH Walking Lunge with PVC, 10-Pass Throughs, 10-Good Mornings, 10-T2B

work on WOD movements prior to WOD, which is 17 minutes long. Structure is like Fight gone bad.

HERO WOD: “Santora”

Three rounds for reps of:
155 pound Squat cleans, 1 minute
20′ Shuttle sprints (20′ forward + 20′ backwards = 1 rep), 1 minute
245 pound Deadlifts, 1 minute
Burpees, 1 minute
155 pound Jerks, 1 minute
Rest 1 minute

U.S. Army Sergeant Jason A. Santora, of Farmingville, New York, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, based out of Fort Benning, Georgia, died in Logar province, Afghanistan on April 23, 2010, from wounds sustained during a firefight with insurgents. He is survived by his parents Gary and Theresa, and sister Gina.