Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 200m Run, 30 sec. handstand hold, 10-Air Squats, 10-Pull Ups, 15-Abmat Sit Ups

Skill: Snatch Lift offs: 10 Min with the coach, circle up, listen, learn, mimic the coach.

WOD: For time:

“Cash in” 50 – Double Unders (the only substutue is 20 double under attempts) single unders are fine for brand new athletes but clients with experience must progress to attempting DUs.

BIG Bear Complex 115/75 lbs

Row 500m

Bear Complex 95/65 lbs

Row 500m

Baby Bear Complex 75/55 lbs

“Cash out” 25 – Bar Facing Burpees

Bear Complex = Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Back Press, weight touches ground x 7. If you let go of the bar or the bar rests on the ground there is  200m Run Penalty. Athlete Hint: Rest the bar in the back rack position or in the hip crease while squating. Try not to take a penalty. Not letting go of the bar is the reasoning for the name of the movement. “Bear”

Athletes: Learn double unders, they will not go away. ;) Triple unders will arrive before too long in the future of our sport.