Warm Up: 2 Rounds of: 50-Single unders, 10-OHS (PVC), 10-Walking Lunges, 30 sec. Handstand hold

Have it your way day. Work on your weaknesses, make up a missed WOD or your Programmer recommends…

WOD: 2012 CrossFit Games WOD 12.1


Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes, athletes must touch a target 6 inches above standing reach.

Anything over 70 is good, over 100 is respectable. 10 a minute gets you to 70. Pace is very important, don’t burn out in the first 90 sec. Use the rings or the Pull Up rig for your touch targets.

rest, recover

Then minute intervals of Isometric work:

1 min – Dead hang from the pull up bar / rest reset the clock, the plank sequence will be continous for 5 min.

1 min – Plank (hands not elbows)

1 min – Plank one arm RT side

1 min – Plank

1 min – Plank one arm LT side

1 min – Plank / rest rest the clock

1 min – of Hollowrocks

Mobility, stretch, feel free to complain to your coach. ;)