Warm Up: 2Rds of: 10-Burpees, 10-3 sec. Superman holds, 10-Sotts Press with (PVC), 10-Walking Lunges

Strength: Max effort pull ups without coming off the bar. Try and string as many together as possible, hang tough.

WOD: 2011 CF Open WOD 11.2

AMRAP in 15 min.

9 – DeadLifts 155/100 lbs

12 – Hand Release Push Ups

15 – Box Jumps 24″/2o”

The 2015 Open is 2 weeks away, those involved make sure that you are moving to the standard. If you are not involved, talk with your coach on how to get involved.

Coaches: “No Reps” need to be focused on your Open athletes so they get familiar with the term.

Athletes: Don’t take a “No Rep” personally, correct the movement and don’t waste energy on not moving to standard.