Warm Up: 2Rds of 10-Burpees, 10-Air Squats, 30sec. Handstand Hold, 10-Pass Throughs,

Have it your way day! Means work on what ever your weaknesses are or Stretch and Mobilize

Registered Athletes feel free to tinker around with the movements in 15.3

Friday and Saturday are the best days to make an attempt at 15.3. Saturdays during the CF OPEN the BOX will be running from 8-10/11ish so you can get time with a judge.

Non registered athletes feel free to come in during those times and hit the WOD. 15.3 will be scheduled for all athletes to try on Saturday

Suggested Work but not required continue with SNATCH Drills from Yesterday, put some weight on the bar and get out of your comfort zone.

WOD: “Linda” (aka “3 bars of death”)


1.5 x Bodyweight deadlift       (scaled) 135/95 lbs

Bodyweight Bench Press        (scaled) 135/95 lbs

3/4 x Bodyweight Clean          (scaled) 135/95 lbs

Coaches: sharing bars might have to happen