OIC Going After 15.4!

Good job to everyone for giving it their all on 15.4 and good luck to the athletes who will be completing it today. Be mindful of the new HSPU standards and give it your best effort! You CAN do it! Also, giving a shout out to our fellow Crossfitter, Greg, who dropped in from Asheville, NC to do the Open Workout with us!  Hope to see you again!

On the agenda for this week is that the Festivus Games will be on April 18th. We have a team going to participate at this event in Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne.  Let us know if anyone else is interested in doing this competition. Additionally, our Paleo Challenge will be starting April 6th and we have an informational meeting/sign ups on March 28th at 11.

Registered Athletes: Remember to submit your scores for 15.4!


OIC tearing up 15.4! Great Job Everyone!