Warm Up: 2Rds of: 10-Burpee Broad Jumps, 10-Air Squats, 10-Pass Thoughs, 6-V Roll Ups

Strength: OHS 5rds of 3reps increase weight each round, get out of your comfort zone and move some weight. 10-15 min

WOD: For time:

1 – Bear Complex 95/65 lbs

200m Run

1 – Rope Climb 15’/14′

2 – Bear Complexes 95/65 lbs

400m Run

2 – Rope Climbs 15/14′

1 – Bear Complex 95/65 lbs

200m Run

3 – Rope Climbs 15’/14′

Bear Complex = Power Clean, front squat, push press, back squat, back press, back to ground x 7. Totaling 35 movements per complex. The kicker is, you can not let the bar rest on the ground during the 35 movements of the Bear. It’s why it’s called a “Bear”, it’s tough to get through those movements without resting, so rest wisely. In the back rack or the hip crease. PENALTY for a resting bar= 5  Burpees over the bar at the time of the rest, not after the complex.

POST WOD: Prone & Supine Scorpion stretches, Calf stretch on the wall, if time allows roll out posterior chain.