Warm Up: 2Rds of 5-Handstand Push Ups, 10-Goblet Squats 45/35 lbs, 10-Good Mornings 45/35 lbs, 10-Abmat Sit Ups

WOD: CrossFit Total

1 Rep Max Strict Press 12-18mins

1 Rep Max Back Squat 12-18mins

1 Rep Max Deadlift       12-18mins

Tally up all three one rep Max lifts to acquire you CrossFit total. This is a measure of your strength and it will show up every few months to gauge progress on your strength. Don’t waste time moving through these lifts. You should only do 3-5 warm up reps at increasing weight, then make three solid attempts at your 1 Rep Max. 1st Rep pick a weight that is heavy but you know that you can move it. 2nd Rep pick a weight that is your max or near your max. 3rd rep should be at least your Max or over your Max for all three lifts.

Don’t get greedy, don’t let your EGO get yourself injured, know how to bail out of a Back Squat. Get out of your comfort zone and move some weight. Log these scores in your phone or log book.

Tips: The STRICT PRESS is slow when it’s heavy, don’t give up on it quickly, stick with it and keep pressing.

Coaches: Make sure the athletes go in order and that you are mindful that they are progressing on time or they will run into the next class hour. Athletes can share the bars

POST WOD: plantar fascia mash with a lacrosse ball (no shoes), shoulder mash on the vertical posts of the Rig



Partner WOD ~ Ann & Bea ~ Bruce & John