Warm Up: 400m Run “then” 2rds of:

10 – Pass Throughs

10 – Jump Squats

10 – 3sec. Superman Holds

Skill: Walk on your hands for distance or handstand holds or one handed handstand holds

Play for 10-15min

TEAM WOD:  “Bob the Builder”

in teams of 3
18 minute AMRAP
Person A.
-row for calories
Person B.
-power snatch (75#,45#) for reps
Person C.
-40ft box carry/15 box jumps, bring box back/15 box jumps 24″/20″

Person C will control the pace. Once person C is done everyone will rotate. Keep a running total for the calories on the row, a running count of power snatches and number of rounds of C completed

(Leave a couple of parking spaces open in front of the doors. Athlete C will carry his or her box to the parking curb then back into the building for the 40′ distance)