WARM UP as needed, you will be plenty warm after the 1st run. Tape up, or glove up your hands and prepare for what’s about to happen. (Coaches) Get them started no later than 10min after start of class. This WOD will take over a hour for some athletes to complete.


1 mile Run

100 – Pull Ups

200 – Push Ups (Hand Release for advanced athletes)

300 – Air Squats

1 mile Run

If you want to try this warrior style, get a 20lbs weight vest and wear it. The three movements can be broken up to the athletes preference. Usual strategies are:

20Rds of 5-Pull, 10-Push, 15-Squat or 10Rds of 10-Pull, 20-Push, 30-Squat. Set up your station close to the pull-up Rig. Use poker chips or chalk to track your rounds.

If you think this WOD is far outside your appilities to complete, no worries show up and try the scaled versions of this BENCHMARK HERO WOD. PROTECT YOUR HANDS!!!!! bring a towel to help keep them dry. Wrist wraps for sweat absorption is highly recommended.

“Mini Murph”

800m Run
50 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
150 Squats
800m Run

“Smurf Murph”

800M run
25 Pullups
50 Push ups
75 Squats
800M run