WELCOME to the beginning of our second year at Orchid Island CrossFit! Over the past year, we’ve expanded 3 times and we are looking to expand yet again to accommodate for more GAINS!!  Thanks to all the clients who continue to help make our BOX and our ‘Brand” of fitness a success!

Warm Up: 400m Run “then”

10-Walking lunges

10-Abmat Sit Ups

15-KB Swings (Russian) 45/35lbs

Strength: Spilt Jerks

5 – 5 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 1 – 1 – 1

Start light and work up to moderate weight. Focus on foot work and speed under the bar.

WOD: AMRAP (R=Reps) in 20min

3 – Clean & Jerk 135/95lbs

3 – T2B

6 – C&J 135/95lbs

6 – T2B

9 – Clean & Jerk 135/lbs

9 – T2B

And so on until 20min expires. Score Rd completed + reps completed into the next Rd. Example 18 + 9 (Completed the round of 18 – C&J, 18 – T2B + 9 C&J into the next Rd)

Athletes will increase the rep totals by 3 as they continue to work. 12/12, 15/15, 18/18, 21/21 and so on. Cleans can be power or squat, Jerks can be push or Split.

Efficiency of form is very important for this WOD. You will burn out quickly if you try and “just muscle” every rep to completion.