Weekend Update

What an exciting weekend it was for Orchid Island CrossFit and Vero Beach Weightlifting! Everyone put in the hard work and it certainly paid off in a big way.

OIC – Festivus Games

OIC brought their A game! All of the members (Rick, John, Melissa, Patti, and Patty) killed the WODs and did a fantastic job executing them! Melissa missed out the top five by 1 point! She was on fire! There is no doubt that she’ll be on that podium next time.

Rick was also unstoppable and had an outstanding performance! He advanced onto the top five in his division and placed third overall! We are so proud of our members and representing OIC! We have no doubt that they’ll all continue to work hard and improve!

VBW – Southeast Classic

WOW! Our members were unstoppable this weekend! Everyone performed exceptionally well and placed in their competitive weight classes. Overall the team went 19/24 on their lifts!

Jo – The tiny, but mighty Jo went 4 for 6 on her lifts PRing her snatch and her total. She took the gold in her weight class!

Mike – Just like his sister, Mike shined on that platform! His lifts were crisp and on point. He also PRed his total, snatch and clean & jerk. He took second in his weight class!

Matt – Matt has been training hard and putting in so much effort and it was all worth it as he went 6 for 6! He had a huge performance and PRed his snatches at 94/96/98kg!

Chelseigh – She also had a huge performance this past weekend as she went 5 for 6 on her lifts. She went on to take first place!

Brian – He was motivated, driven and on FIRE!!! He had a huge performance and made an outstanding comeback after 5 years off. Along with Matt, Brian was also the superstar who went 6 for 6 on his lifts and took second place in his class.

We could not be more proud of all our members at OIC and VBW! Thank you to all who came out to support, it meant a lot!



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