Friday, Jan. 8, 2016

Important Update: 

The upcoming 30 Day Challenge has been postponed to Jan. 18th. The informational meeting will be Jan. 16th, but all throughout next week we will be having sign ups and taking measurements and pictures. If you have any questions or concerns please see me and we can address those concerns. Now with that being said, it doesn’t mean you go on a binge because you just got another week to eat junk (like a pint of ice cream)!!! Take this week to clean out your pantry and mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming week. So when the time does come you are prepared and ready to tackle the challenge!

This will be a great opportunity to eat clean, learn how to read labels, avoid processed food, hold yourself accountable and overall feel better. The knowledge you gain through these challenges far outweighs the prize. Do this for YOURSELF and take control of your health.

Late Arrivals:

A note about arriving late to class – we encourage all of our members to please arrive ON TIME for your class. If you arrive 10 minutes late you are not only disturbing the class, but you also won’t reap the full benefits of the programming. We want every single one of our members to benefit from each workout and want to see everyone succeeding and making gains! Starting MONDAY (JAN 11th) anyone who arrives late will have to do 20 BURPEES!  You have been warned! :) 



Warm Up: 1 round

  • 1000 m Run


DU Practice – 10/15 mins



Cal Row

OVH Squats 95/65



50 DU

10 T2B