Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016

Hump for Our Vets

The big day is finally here! Our very First Annual Hump for Our Vets Fundraiser is today and we are more than thrilled to host it at OIC! As Bruce Cady put it,

“The Hump Team is ready for you.

The question is….
Are you ready?
Are you ready to honor our brothers and sisters who are serving us today?
Are you ready to honor all who have served us in the past?

It is our honor and privilege to join with you as we show Indian River County that we are not merely those who say they are patriots….We are not afraid to ACT PATRIOTIC.”

Let’s come together as a big family and show our support for this great cause!

Some things to consider…

Packing List:
1) Comfortable shoes for distance walking
2) A backback or ruck
3) Weight for the backback (Women: 15 pounds – Men: 25 pounds)
4) Water
5) A team attitude!