Saturday, April 30, 2016

Warm Up: 2 rounds

  • 10 Pass Throughs
  • 10 Goblet Squats
  • 10 KB Swings
  • 10 Inch Worms

WOD: Teams of 2

4 Rounds
800 Meter Run
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14) 10 ft.
6 Alternating Rope Climbs
30 Alternating Box Jumps 20 inches
This workout begins with one team member completing an 800 meter run while the second team member completes 50 Wall Ball shots. When the 800 Run and Wall Ball Shots are completed, both athletes move on to the Rope Climb and Box Jump section. The climb and the Jumps must be done as a team and must be alternated between each member.

For example, Athlete 1 does a rope climb, athlete 2 does the 2nd rope climbs, etc…. same for the box jumps. The 2nd Round begins with the athlete who did round 1’s wall ball shots to run 800 meters while the other athlete does the 50 wall ball shots. Continue this pattern through rounds 3 and 4.