Tuesday, Mar. 20th, 2018


A) Warm Up

200m Run

Line Drills

Quad Stretch
Knee to Chest
Soldier Kicks
Side Lunge
Cradle Stretch
Walking Samson
Walking Spidermans
High Knees
Butt Kickers

B) Strength/Skill

16 Min EMOM

Min 1: 8 Chin Ups (Not Pullups)
Min 2: 8 Ring Dips
Min 3: 16 Russian Twists 45/35
Min 4: 10 Single Leg RDL 45/35


Teams of 2

8 RFT:
400m Row
200m Weighted Run 35/25 Kb

In this team relay workout, partners will complete full rounds before switching.
Each partner will complete four rounds.