Thursday, August 9th, 2018


Warm UP

Foam Roll


:10 Lying Ham Stretch(Each) 3RNDS
:10 Lying Quad Stretch(Each)
:10 Piriformis Stretch On Box(each)
:10 Rig Chest Stretch

Ladder Drills 10-20mins

One Foot Each drill down and Back
Two Feet
One Foot Side to Side
Two Feet Side to Side
Side to Side Hops
Two Up One Back Hop
Right Side Lateral
Left Side Lateral


EMOM for 6min

Power SN+Ovh Sq-6×2@60-70%(med-mod)


10 min EMOM :20 Full Effort/ :40 rest

Cal Row

2min rest

10 min EMOM :20 Full Effort/ :40 rest

Double Under

Score total number of reps

In larger classes half will start on rower other half on Double Under