Saturday, Aug. 19th, 2017


A) Warm Up

400m Run
10 Good Mornings
:30 Samson
20 Pass Throughs


B) Strength/Skill

Warm Up and Pick Teams



Teams of 2 for Time:

400m Run Together
100 Jumping Lunges
50 Burpees over Partner (partner holds plank, must hop over them)
100 Power Cleans 95/65
50 T2B (Partner holds barbell in power position)
100 Dubs
50 Cal Row (partner holds barbell in front rack)

Wednesday, Aug. 16th, 2017


A) Warm Up

200m Run
10 Air Squats
20 Pass Throughs
:30 Samson


B) Strength/Skill

10 Min EMOM

Even Min: 5 Negative Pullups
Odd Min: :30 Hollow Rocks



4 Rounds

3:00 Min Amrap Per Round

5 Hang Power Cleans 135/85
5 Burpees
5 Ring Dips

Rest 1:00 in between rounds

Pick up last round where you left off and score total rounds and reps.