Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 200m run, 10-Hollowrocks, 10-3sec Squat holds, 10-Toes to wall

Skill: Toes to bar and knees to elbow 

WOD: 5 Rds for time:

20 – Kettlebell Swings 45/35 lbs

15 – Overhead walking Lunges 45/25 lbs plate

1 – Rope Climb


Warm Up: 200m Run, 8-Burpee Pull Ups, 8-GHD Sit Ups, 10-Air Squats

Strength: Split Jerk drills, continue polishing form

WOD: for time:

20 min AMRAP

5 – Deadlifts 115/70 lbs

5 – Hang Power Cleans 115/70 lbs

5 – Front Squats 115/70 lbs

5 – Push Press 115/70 lbs

5 – Back Squat 115/70 lbs

It’s called “Incedible Hulk” try to make it through each round without setting the bar down. ;) rest between rounds as needed

Scales 95/65, 75/55, 55/45 its more work to set the bar down and have to pick it back up during the round. Rest than hit the gas through the 25 movements.

Posted early for fear factor


Warm Up: 200m run “then” 2 rds of: 15-walking lunge, 30 sec handstand hold, 10-OHS 45/35 lbs bar

Strength: Clean & jerks 10 x 1

Light to moderate weight, focus on form

WOD: For time:

10 Rds of:

15 – Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lbs 10’/9′

15 – Double Unders, 3:1 sub singles

scale weight or reduce rounds

double under attempts are prefered over singles. 1:1 sub


Warm Up: Saddle Up for the benchmark HERO

WOD: “MURPH” for time:

1 mile run

100 – Pull Ups

200 – Push Ups

300 – Air Squats

1 mile run

Don’t be scared, the coach will explain scales and battle plans for completion. Show up on time, 0900 SHARP! this is a long one. ;)


Read about the fallen warriors and why we do, what we do.


Warm Up: 200m Run, “then” 2 Rds of: 10-Pass Throughs, 10-OHS (PVC), 15-walking lunges

Strength: Snatch drills, Drop Snatch, Snatch Balance, light weight

WOD: For time:

21 – 15 – 9

Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Handstand Push Ups

Hang Power Snatch 75/55 lbs


Warm Up: 2Rds of: 10-Burpees, 10-Goblet Squats, 10-Pass Throughs, 10-HR Push Ups

Strength: 1 Rep Max Strict Press

WOD: tabata Hollowocks

20sec of work 10sec of rest, 8 rds

rest 2 min

tabata air squats


Warm Up: 400m run “then” set up for WOD and practice all the movements

Like the song the “12 Days of Christmas”, complete each exercise in ascending order then work back down, adding one exercise per round.

Ex. On the 1st day of Xmas, my coaches gave to me, one Sumo Deadlift High Pull; on the 2nd day of Xmas my coaches gave to me, 2 Thrusters and 1 SDHP; on the 3rd day of Xmas, my coaches gave to me, 3 Push Press, 2 Thrusters, and 1 SDHP; etc.

WOD:For Time:

1 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75#/55#)
2 Thrusters (75#/55#)
3 Push Press (75#/55#)
4 Power Cleans (75#/55#)
5 Deadlifts (75#/55#)
6 Kettlebell Swings (45#/35#)
7 Pull-ups
8 Knees-to-Elbows
9 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
10 Double Unders
11 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps (Dumbbell 40#/25# or 45#/25# Plate)
12 Burpees


Warm Up: 2RDS of: 10-Burpees, 10-medball cleans, 30sec. Handstand hold, 15-walking lunges

Skill: Pull Up or Muscle Up Progressions 10mins +/-

WOD: 4 Rounds for time:

200m Run

5 – Wall Walks

20 – Front Squats 95/65 lbs


Warm Up: Set up for WOD and practice the movements. Get started no later than 15 min after start of class. The WOD will take awhile to finish.

WOD:“The Seven”

Seven rounds for time of:
7 Handstand push-ups
7 Thrusters 135/95 lbs
7 Knees to elbows
7 Deadlifts 245/175 lbs
7 Burpees
7 Kettlebell swings, 70/50 lbs
7 Pull-ups

Scaled: 4 RDS

7-Box assisted HSPU or 30 sec. Handstand hold

7-Thrusters 95/65 or 45/35

7-Toes to Wall

7-Deadlifts 135/95


7-KB Swings 35/25 lbs

7-Jumping Pull Ups

A suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers and one Jordanian officer at a remote base in southeastern Afghanistan on December 30, 2009 after posing as a potential informant reporting on Al Qaeda. Seven new stars will be etched onto the memorial wall at the CIA where every star represents grieving friends, family and colleagues dedicated to fight against the enemy, forever in their name.

Killed in the attack were CIA officers Jennifer Lynne Matthews, 45; Scott Michael Roberson, 39; Harold E. Brown Jr., 37; Darren LaBonte, 35; Elizabeth Hanson, 30; and security contractors Jeremy Jason Wise, 35, and Dane Clark Paresi, 46.


Warm Up: 400m run “then” 2rds of: 10-3 sec superman holds, 15-walking Lunges, 10-Pass Throughs

Skill: KB variations snatch,swing ameican,russian

WOD: for time:


Squat Cleans 95/65 lbs

KB Snatch 45/35 lbs alt. arms (American or Russian)

Burpees Broad Jump ;)