Warm Up: 2 Rounds of: 200m run, 10-Pass Throughs, 10-Abmat Situps, 10-3 sec. Superman holds

Strength: Front Squat 5 rounds 5 Reps increase weight each round.

WOD: 5 Rounds for time of:

20 – Weighted step ups, 24″/20″ 35/25 lbs KB in each hand or dumbbell, alternate legs

10 – Push Jerks 95/65 lbs

4 – Wall Walks (Sub 30 sec. Handstand hold)



Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 200m Run, 10-T2B, 10-OHS (PVC), 15-KB Swings 45/35 lbs

Strength: Bench Press 5 Rds of 3 Reps: Increase weight each round.

WOD: “Karen”

150 – Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lbs 10’/9′


Warm Up: 2 Rounds of: 50-Single unders, 10-OHS (PVC), 10-Walking Lunges, 30 sec. Handstand hold

Have it your way day. Work on your weaknesses, make up a missed WOD or your Programmer recommends…

WOD: 2012 CrossFit Games WOD 12.1


Complete as many reps as possible in 7 minutes, athletes must touch a target 6 inches above standing reach.

Anything over 70 is good, over 100 is respectable. 10 a minute gets you to 70. Pace is very important, don’t burn out in the first 90 sec. Use the rings or the Pull Up rig for your touch targets.

rest, recover

Then minute intervals of Isometric work:

1 min – Dead hang from the pull up bar / rest reset the clock, the plank sequence will be continous for 5 min.

1 min – Plank (hands not elbows)

1 min – Plank one arm RT side

1 min – Plank

1 min – Plank one arm LT side

1 min – Plank / rest rest the clock

1 min – of Hollowrocks

Mobility, stretch, feel free to complain to your coach. ;)



Warm Up: 1 Round of: 10-Pass Throughs, 30 sec. Handstand hold, 15-Toes to Wall, 20-Walking lunges, 5-Inch Worms

WOD: For time:

30 – Muscle Ups (Scale to C2B Pull Ups)


4 Rounds of:

400m Run

2 – Rope Climbs 15′

20 – Front Squats 95/65 lbs

10 – Decline Push Ups (Feet up on a 20″ box, no hand release, just chest to deck, I’m nice like that.)

this will take awhile, estimated at 20-30 min for completion by your programmer. No EGOS, drop weight or difficulty if struggling, keep moving is the intent of all WODs.


Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 10-HR Push Ups, 10-Abmat Sit Ups, 10-Air Squats, 10-Pass Throughs

Strength: Back Squat 2500 lbs / 1750 lbs adjust weight to skill and strength levels. Math is required to figure out loads and reps. Heavy weight will require less reps, lighter weight will require more reps.

WOD: for time:

21 – 15 – 9

Power Snatch 95/65 lbs

Floor Wipers Left and Right toe touches equals 1 rep

Pull Ups





Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 200m Run, 30 sec. handstand hold, 10-Air Squats, 10-Pull Ups, 15-Abmat Sit Ups

Skill: Snatch Lift offs: 10 Min with the coach, circle up, listen, learn, mimic the coach.

WOD: For time:

“Cash in” 50 – Double Unders (the only substutue is 20 double under attempts) single unders are fine for brand new athletes but clients with experience must progress to attempting DUs.

BIG Bear Complex 115/75 lbs

Row 500m

Bear Complex 95/65 lbs

Row 500m

Baby Bear Complex 75/55 lbs

“Cash out” 25 – Bar Facing Burpees

Bear Complex = Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Back Press, weight touches ground x 7. If you let go of the bar or the bar rests on the ground there is  200m Run Penalty. Athlete Hint: Rest the bar in the back rack position or in the hip crease while squating. Try not to take a penalty. Not letting go of the bar is the reasoning for the name of the movement. “Bear”

Athletes: Learn double unders, they will not go away. ;) Triple unders will arrive before too long in the future of our sport.




Warm Up: 200m run “then” 2 Rds of: 25-DU’s, 10-T2B, 15-Abmat Sit Ups, 10-3 sec. Superman Holds

WOD: “Victoria” – 5 Rounds For Time
10 Thrusters 95/65#
14 Box Jumps 24/20”
12 SDHP 95/65#
12 Burpees
27 KB Swings ****** Modify 45/35 lbs
Victoria Soto, a 27-year-old teacher, was killed when Adam Lanza, armed with several firearms, invaded Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, slaughtering 20 children and five of Soto’s co-workers, before taking his own life. The death toll may have been higher had Soto not been there. Her first-grade students told their parents and the police that their teacher died after herding them to safety and shielding them from Lanza.

Coaches: No strength or skill, this wod will take the athletes awhile to power through. Force them to make DU attempts strung together during the warm up.

Athletes: Double single double single is holding you back. Link them together and master the jump rope……they will not go away. ;)


Warm Up: 2 Rounds of: 10-Pass Throughs, 10-OHS (Pvc) 10-Hollowrocks, 25-Double Unders

WOD: 4 Rounds for time:

10 – Push Press 95/65 lbs

10 – Over Head Walking Lunges with a plate 45/25 lbs

10 – Ring Dips

10 – Pull Ups

400m Run

no skill or strength, this wod will take a little bit to finish.


Warm Up: 2 Rounds of: 200m Run, 10-Walking Lunges, 10-Goblet Squats 45/35 lbs, 10-T2B

Have it your way day. Mobilize, active recovery. Hop on a platform and work on OLY, Work on weaknesses, chat with your coaches about goals or issues, make up a missed WOD or your programmer recommends this for you.

WOD: 3 Rounds for time:

15 – Hang Squat Cleans 135/95 lbs

15 – Burpees over the bar (parallel to the bar)

2 – Rope Climbs



Warm Up: 2 Rds of: 200m run, 10-Jump Squats, 10-V Roll Ups, 10-HR Push Ups

Skill: Double Unders take 10-15 mins and try to get better, they show up every week. Mark your rope.


6 min of:

Wall Balls 20/14 lbs 10’/9′ “then”

6 min of:

Box Jumps 30″/24″ “then”

6 min of:

Clean & Jerk 95/65 lbs

score totals from each event, yell to your coach, he’ll log your totals for you.