Coach Matt Bloch

Certifications and Experience

  • Firefighter/paramedic – IRCFR
  • Licensed Florida Paramedic
  • Licensed Florida EMT
  • Crossfit level 1
  • USAW referee
  • AHA certified lifeguard

About Matt

I was born and raised in Sebastian, FL. Being heavily involved in sports and fitness at a young age and also growing up with an older brother is what naturally bred competition for me. After high school athletics were over I was stuck in a “globo gym” searching for something new. I found Crossfit in Jan 2014 and was immediately hooked, since then CrossFit has been my pathway to continue to be an athlete and has led me into many new opportunities including Olympic Weightlifting. My competitiveness is what drives me to not only become a great athlete but to be a great coach as well and has landed me in the best gym possible.